Thinking Colors! The Coloring Contest!

Okay! Here (this is K.A, by the way!) are the TEAMS! My teams!!! There’s something you HAVE to get you use to when reading a post I made….LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!! Nicole-Dolls with a passion Nicole-Life of an Irish dancer Carmen-A Barefoot Gal (Megan is her sister) Megan-A Barefoot Gal Rebekah-American Girl Guide mbrown110504-alexiajonson6575 Megan, … More Thinking Colors! The Coloring Contest!

Just One More

Hey! A while ago I did a photoshoot(I know what you’re thinking “No! Not another photoshoot!” But it’s happening, then I’ll be done, I promise! ), but I forgot to post it, so I’m doing it now! OK, that should be it for Savanna photoshoots! I’ll post about myself more, if you want. 😛 😀


Hi! It snowed here! I immediately ran outside and took some pics. Hey, so please pray for my eldest sister. She went on the March for Life and the bus she is on is stuck in some snow. She’s been stuck there overnight. On top of that, there was a car accident, it wasn’t the … More Snow

Bookshelf Chair

Hello, friends! For today’s post, I thought I’d share something I found on Handimania, a fun crafting website! They have millions of creative crafts and ideas. I found this one creation in particular to be very neat, and I really which I had the materials and the ability to do this! (Hmm…maybe one day….) Presenting…. … More Bookshelf Chair