A little introduction!

So, I’m K.A! My personal kind of blog is over at Cuddly Critter’s Blog! Go ahead and check it out! 😀 Happy New Year, everyone! 😀 Ya, you who DO know me (as much as bloggers can know each other) you might be wondering, “Why is SHE doing a post on Genna’s blog?” Well, good question! We BOTH run the blog now! 😀 So you will be seeing more posts from me in the future! 😀 However, I don’t really know what to write about…could you help me? If there is something ELSE you want me to post about, please tell me in the comments below! 😀 Enjoy!  Here is a poll:

Please tell me what you voted for below…pretty please? Be cause I can’t see who voted what on the actual poll results. Oh and please don’t vote more than once! By the way, if you’re a new blogger…or just want places to look for cool blogs, check some of these out! 😀

Blue eyes, gray eyes

Flourishing by restful falls

A Barefoot Gal

A farm girl’s life

Ummmm…..Ooh! (No that’s not the name of it, click this!)

Craftz ‘n’ Craziness

I think that’s about it! 😀 And Happy new year! To you ALL! 😀

P.S. I think I’m gonna have a story next time…so you can look forward to it! 😀

Thanks! ~K.A~


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