Collab Story, Part Two

Hello, there!

‘Tis Misty, here with the next part of our collaborated story. Enjoy!

*Suggestions for a title are welcome, although we may want to wait until we are further down the plot*

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Issa murmured, nonchalantly tossing her backpack against a tree and sinking to the dirt ground.

Kathlyn rolled a rock around beneath her shoe, staring at her feet with a clouded gaze. “We had to get the food to survive out here. And you know how important that necklace is.”

“Important enough to take a huge risk going back there?”

“Of course.”

Issa sighed, reaching towards the backpack about a foot away from her. She slid her hand inside and rummaged around a bit, prompting Kathlyn to think she was retrieving the necklace. Instead, she pulled out a small water bottle and drew it to her lips, prying the cap off with her teeth. Kathlyn watched her quickly drain the water, beginning to sense her own thirst. “We shouldn’t drink all the water so early in our journey,” she warned, taking the empty bottle from her cousin and stuffing it between the opening in the zipper.

“We should be completely dehydrated before we begin,” Issa argued. “Drink some yourself. We have plenty.”

Kathlyn frowned at her for a moment, then gave in and gulped down another plastic water bottle. The cool, refreshing liquid felt deniably satisfying against her parched throat, and she couldn’t help longing for more when she finished. Unfortunately, Issa was eyeing her like a hawk, so she zipped it back up inside the backpack.

“Should we start moving again?” she asked, standing back up and stretching her arms.

Issa peered into the distance, and both girls noticed with alarm the sun was just beginning to sink below the horizon.

“No,” Issa decided. “We should probably find a place to stay for the night.”


22 thoughts on “Collab Story, Part Two

      1. oooh! Okay! Thanks…..ummm…what happened tot he ‘collab story’ draft? It doesn’t have ANYTHING on it…and I think I may have accidentally deleted it…OH NO!!!!! I hope not…there isn’t a ‘back’ button…well there IS but not that you can click on…oh dear…what have I done!?

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        1. Hmm…I don’t see anything on it either. :/ I think it’s done that before though…maybe you just have to wait a bit for the changes to show up. Don’t worry about it; I’m sure it will be fine. 😉


                1. Oh yes, I did ask! We’re not adding any bloggers at the moment, but we might set up a Submissions page sometime in March if you would like to showcase your own writing.


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