Collab Story, Part 3

The two girls found a nice place to sleep in an old tent by the house.

“Not to close though,” Issa warned, “we don’t know when they will come back.”

The people of the house were not back by morning though, and they decided to truck on. They stopped by a park to fill their water bottle at the drinking fountain. Kathryn made sure that they both had plenty to drink before moving on.

“Let’s head towards the library,” Kathryn suggested, “there’s going to be a festival down there soon and that means lots of free stuff, especially food!”

Issa agreed to the readily. They hadn’t had much food yesterday.

The festival was in full swing by the time they got there. There were little samples of stew from a local restaurant and fruit from a grocery market. Issa wondered off by herself while Kathryn waited to see if she would win the door prize of a fifty dollar gift card to some farmer’s market.

She saw a small box and a soft little head sticking up from it. Her heart lept as she saw the words on the box: “FREE KITTENS.”





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