Four Common Types of Mud

I feel like doing a funny post today; here’s a field guide to four common types of mud.

Number One: Sandy Mud Soup

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 052.JPGYou could hardly even call this stuff mud. It does look like mud, but when you step on it you find that it is mostly just water. It will most likely leave a thin, watery paste on your boots. It is usually a bit gritty or sandy.





Number Two: Monster Mud

This mud bears a resemblance close to Sandy Mud Soup, but it is not at all like it. Once you step in this mud it will close around your boots. It is the most difficult of the four common muds to get out of. Pulling your boots out of Monster Mud usually produces squelching. Sometimes you even have to pull your foot out of your boot. I have included a picture of what your boots may look like after encountering Monster Mud.

Number Three:  Goopy Nothingness

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 022This is the most useless of muds. It is too watery to use in dams but it still sticks to your boots. It will often be wet on the top and dryer underneath. It isn’t usually very deep.




Number Four: Heavy Clomp Mud

Megan (Birds, dam, cows, walk, mud, dam, fog) 011.JPGThis mud is the driest, but also the stickiest. It will stick to your boots horribly and makes them heavy and clompy. Do your best to avoid this annoying mud or you will soon be tired out.



I hope you enjoyed this little field guide!! XD



16 thoughts on “Four Common Types of Mud

  1. XD 😛 😉 XD Hehe!!!!! This was really funny!!!! XD XD XD 😛 😛 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 XD 😀 😀 This might sound really gross, but the first type of mud, tastes very bad when it gets in your mouth, and is VERY gritty! XD XD XD 😛 😛 😛 😉 😉 XD I recommend NOT eating it!! XD Just kidding, I wouldn’t eat it on purpose, but I’m pretty sure that it did get in my mouth once!!! XD XD XD


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