Guest Post with Grace

Hello, Genna here! Today I have a guest post from Grace from Pens and Castles on a Cloud! She has a wonderful blog, and I think you should check it out!

Moving on… Grace’s answers will be in this color, and the questions will be this color.

We begin!

What’s your name?

Do you have a blog?
Yes! My link is listed 🙂

Favorite hobby?
Hm, either playing guitar or working on my blog or reading

Do you have any pets?
Yes! Two wiener dogs 😛

What’s your favorite color?
Hm, either light blue or lime green; I’ve always been fond of those two

Favorite holiday?

Favorite book?
Narnia series or Book Thief

Do you enjoy blogging?(If you have a blog)

How long have you had your blog?
Nearly a year! March 12 marks 1 year on my blog

What’s your favorite school subject?
I’ve always said English, but now I’m really liking History–AP US History for that matter
What is your favorite website?
Spotify or WordPress 😛

What is your favorite pie?
Key Lime!

Are you studying any languages?
Yes, Latin (I just finished year 3)

What is your favorite animal?

What is your favorite song?
That’s an impossible question xD I do not have one

Do you like snow?
I like snow but I don’t like cold, so it’s complicated 😛 Living in Florida doesn’t really let me like it or hate it, but when I lived in a state where it did snow, I loved it…for about 5 minutes and then I wanted to go inside xD So I’m not sure.

Hey everyone! I am so happy to be a guest on this super creative and fun blog! All of you running this blog are very talented people, and I enjoy reading such insightful and spunky posts 🙂  AWWW! Thank you, Grace!

Today I wanted to share with all of you my “creative” side (part of that is writing, but I also enjoy making graphics!)
I have been making and designing graphics as a hobby for about four years now, and a lot of my earlier graphics (as I don’t do it as frequently anymore) are mostly Taylor Swift-themed because I used to be a large Taylor Swift fan, and the fan club on Taylor Swift’s website introduced me to the super cool world of graphic making!
I wanted to just show you some of the graphics I’ve made and the resources I’ve used to make them! [note, I can’t exactly copyright these graphics, as the images I’ve used are not mine, however all designs, layouts, texts, colors, and content design is my own. Please notify me and then credit me if you want to use one or something like that!]

Back to December

^ I think this is one of my favorite graphics that I’ve made. It looks like the very left picture is fading into the gif. Blending gifs and images is always a difficult task, so in doing so you want to make sure the hue/color scheme/lighting of the gifs and pictures are fairly the same so they blend easier. I used Pixlr, PicMonkey (for making the circular images) and for the entirety of this creation.


^ I liked making this one too (all pixlr and online image editor). I took all the high-quality images from this website (I can’t remember the name of it) that uploaded highquality images of all things Taylor Swift.

Liesel and Whoody

^ I LOVE the Book Thief, so of course I had to make a graphic of them! Unfortunately I don’t use Photoshop or any site that requires payment, so online-image-editor, the only site I know allows the blending of GIFs and JPEGs, will have to do. The product is always blurry though, but that is the price for free service xD
^ I think I used just Pixlr and image editor again, but I especially love the fact the images are cut out and the gif is a backdrop! Still blurry quality, but nevertheless 🙂
Jump then Fall(1).png
^ The entirety of this image was made using PicMonkey. I’m actually amazed at how long I’ve been using PicMonkey, because it’s made so many changes since I started using it. In fact, I used PicMonkey before they started using their Royalty program (you still had to pay to be a royal member earlier on, but everything on the site was usable and free, not like now, where you lose out on the cool fonts, the pretty overlays, etc. unless you pay to be a royal member ;-;) Suzy may know what I’m talking about here LOL. I try to make do with what they have now, which is still plenty. 
Resources I use: 
So I covered virtually all of them above, but I’ll do a little more in-depth description here.
1. PicMonkey (–PicMonkey is the only editor site I use right now, because I’m not making graphics like above anymore (just text edits). The headers on some of my posts (like Logophile Writing Challenge, the NaPo Tip Thursdays, and the Poetry Workshop post) are all made by me using PicMonkey. They offer a wide variety of fonts, overlay images, layers, etc. I definitely like using their texture section. (this image used one of their light texture settings–it’s so cool, right?):
IMAGE 6: (Quotes. png)
2. Pixlr (–Pixlr has also changed a lot since I first started using (it’s very modern looking now), but it still has all the necessities it offered and more. I like using it to create my cutout pictures, which I then save as a .png (on a transparent backdrop) and use to overlay on GIF images. It also is great for light exposure, hue, saturation, and other effects. It can be a bit tricky to use at first, but it’s not hard to figure out after tinkering around for a little bit 🙂
3. Online-image-Editor (–This is definitely your outdated editor site, but it functions (for me anyway) as the only site that helps overlay GIFs and images (if you know of any other site, let me know!). I also use LunaPic for resizing GIFs, as it is also one of the only editing sites I know that allows GIFs to be edited (PicMonkey and Pixlr don’t allow GIF edits). 
So that’s about all the information I wanted to share with you guys today! Do you design graphics? Do use the websites I mentioned above? I’d love to hear what you think about the graphics, too! If you have any questions, let me know 🙂 
~Pax in Christo.
Thank you for guest posting, Grace!
Make sure you check out the guest post page yourself, and have a happy Easter!!!!!!
BUNNIES!!!! DARK CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!!!!!! Nyahhahahahahaha!!!
I’m sorry, I’ve had too much sugar.




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