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YES I DID THAT TODAY. (I’m about 3/4 through Misadventures, their newest album, and after that I’m going to listen to all the Sleeping with sirens albums.) is it wrong how Gerard Way’s hair makes him look like my mom? XD I’m a very troubled soul lol. BRENDON. Aw my little munchkin. *pinches his cheeks* … More memes and stuff.

I Dare You! {Tag}

Hello one and all! Rutvi from So Sugar Sweet nominated me for her new tag she created. And guess what? I’m doing it. 😀 So. Here are the rules for the person who’s been nominated (ME! XD ). Come up with 3 blog-related dares. Tag five bloggers. They have to all of the dares if the … More I Dare You! {Tag}

I dare you!

Ooh… This is going to be SO much fuuuun. If you are tagged, then you’d better beware peoples. XD Rules: Come up with 3 blog-related dares (See below) and then tag five people. If you’ve been tagged, you have to (well, you can choose to) do the dares. You have to do all of them or … More I dare you!


  **** Hey guys! Yesterday my friend Leia (pronounced like “LEAH”, not the name from Star Wars) had a summer field hockey league game and while driving back, I took some iPhone photos. Opinions? make a wish on our sorry little hearts have a smoke pour a drink steal a kiss in the dark fingernails … More {maryland}


Hey!!! 😀 🙂 I’m going to mainly just have pictures. I know, you’re thinking “BORING” Sorry. I have to make it quick. 😉 😀 Here they are!! 😀 I really like these first two! This was a SMALL worm! 😛 You can see it’s guts! XD I used one of these for BIBPC! 😉 Umm…other … More Pictures..again.