I dare you!

Ooh… This is going to be SO much fuuuun. >:D If you are tagged, then you’d better beware peoples. >:D XD Rules:

Come up with 3 blog-related dares (See below) and then tag five people. If you’ve been tagged, you have to (well, you can choose to) do the dares. You have to do all of them or none.:) Then, after you do your dares, you get to come up with your own.

Okay, so here are the dares that I got:

  1. Find a post with the most adorable pictures you’ve ever seen and comment without using the word ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’
  2. Write a poem called, “Ode to food” and post it.
  3. Write a post without using an exclamation mark.

Great right? Well, I’m working on that last one right now. I’m sure I won’t do good at it…so you’ll have to tell me in the comments how many of those things I use.. :/ 😉 Anyway…well, here is the second one:

Ode to food:

Food is a thing, that’s sometimes yummy.

Food is a things, that some people make funny.

Food is usually very great,

Food usually goes on a plate.

Like mashed ‘taters for mates.

Everybody likes food (like me.)

and we all want it so bad (let’s EAT.)

So why don’t we,

Just be:


😀 😀 XD XD That was fun. yay, whoohoo. ugh.,. 😛 Hehe: 🙂 😛

Here are the ones for who I nominate:

Write a story, with a character named: Don, and one named Joe, and another named Jolie. Jolie and Joe are siblings. xD (they CAN be animals you know..)

Go to the first blog you think of, and comment on the about page: “Whoever doesn’t like barracudas is crazy.” XD XD 😛 It CAN’T be your blog or your collab blog.

make a post about your animals and what they’re names are.

Yeah, I guess technically the second one is the only DARE…but it’s so bad that it makes up for the others.. >:D XD 😛 haha… 🙂 😀 Here are the unfortunate nominees.. : 😉

Megan (even though she just got tagged.. 😉 XD)

Samantha (redheadwithabook)

Grace (theupstairsgirl)

Simply Floral

Miri (agirlwithacatandabook)

and..oh, I guess that’s all.

Bye all.. 🙂 Man, this not using exclamation things it HARD!!! … UGH!!!!!!



20 thoughts on “I dare you!

                  1. Bing won! 😉 😀 But barely!!! 😛
                    Round 1 Facts about Bottle Nose dolphins Draw
                    Round 2 Exaggerater the race horse pictures Google
                    Round 3 seewinter.com Bing
                    Round 4 List of smartest dogs Draw
                    Round 5 Best unique dog tricks Bing

                    See!? 😀 😛


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