memes and stuff.

YES I DID THAT TODAY. (I’m about 3/4 through Misadventures, their newest album, and after that I’m going to listen to all the Sleeping with sirens albums.)

is it wrong how Gerard Way’s hair makes him look like my mom? XD

I’m a very troubled soul lol.


Aw my little munchkin. *pinches his cheeks* *realizes I’m typing a post and that was just awkward*


okay i guess i should go now before you go on commenting “wait what was this?”



13 thoughts on “memes and stuff.

  1. Instant follow. And no, it’s not wrong that Gerard’ hair makes him look like your mum LMAO. And I LOVE PTVs new album – misadventures! 😀 Do you like Gerard’ new songs? I hate them..

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    1. PTV YESSSS. i only like a few songs off of there, which are floral and fading, dive in, circles, and song for isabelle. 😉 i actually don’t listen to gerard’s solo music, i listen to my chemical romance though so.
      if you ever want to taklk about bands with me you can shoot me an email at and we can cry over bands together. 😉

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      1. Yass! I love MCR although they broke up ;-; And I LOVE all of the TV misadventures songs including the one you said 😀 I don’t share my email tho ;-; Maybe we can cry over broken up bands in the comments sections? 😉


        1. okay, maybe we can do it on my personal blog, which is so. or my instagram if you have one we can dm each other on there. 😉


  2. Oh, and I wish I had ig or tumblr. Cant give out my skype… Oml…… I will make a post tomoz when ppl can chat… In general? I’ll tell ya when. ;D


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