memes and stuff #2

KELLIN QUINN EEK GUYS HE’S THE MOST CUTEST THING ON THE EARTH. (well, next to puppies.) for those who don’t know who pierce the veil is, this explains everything for you. i did this with a few other kids from my school (yes, i’m not homeschooled.) back in April and I love it okay. btw … More memes and stuff #2

q and a????

yo yo yo it’s your (least) favorite human in the universe. anyway, i was wondering, i was planning on doing a q and a (with izzy, possibly), so if you guys can leave questions for me that would be GREAT. ~grace

Summer GOALS | Suzy

Yes, it’s true. You read that title correctly. IM ALIIIIVVEEEEE Yes, people! I have arisen back from the treacherous death of *shudders* Blogging Break. I AM NO LONGING IN ITS SCHEMEING HANDS FOR I HAVE BROKEN FREE *clears throat* Well, then. After that rather exciting and poetic speech, I think we’ll continue on with the … More Summer GOALS | Suzy

randomness #1

i got some gel pens and my sister drew vic fuentes and kellin quinn on my shoulder with them. my sister is a good artist, let’s just say that. *  mcr won’t be getting back together.  gerard   * why do i feel as if my blogging journey is more important than my real life? … More randomness #1