20 random facts about me.

favorite ptv song

  1.  my middle name is hazel
  2. i have the habit of pointing out some stupid things at random times
  3. i also have the habit of having my earbuds up too loud. once my doctor heard “kick me” from my earbuds omg
  4. if you make me choose a favorite the summer set song i kill you. (i’m sorry brian is my heart and soul okay.)
  5. i once tried to do the running man and i fell on my face, which leads to proof i can’t dance.
  6. i also once watched an episode of the walking dead with my sister and i had thoughts about the zombie apocalypse for a week.
  7. i used to have a pet hamster named bob before he crawled under my friend’s bed and died there.
  8. for some random reason, i hate being called makayla. so you can call me pretty much anything you want, but don’t call me makayla, please.
  9. i have purple hair well it’s actually a wig but who cares lol
  10. ‘happy song’ by bring me the horizon reminds me of my days as a cheerleader when i was like eight or nine.
  11. i prefer dan howell over phil lester.
  12. i once saw someone have an asthma attack in gym.
  13. i’m 5’2 (lol i’m tall.)
  14. i want to use a youtube channel but i can’t use one until i’m 13. *pouts in corner*
  15. i sometimes binge on youtube at two a.m. and fall asleep watching johnnie guilbert mess around with tampons.
  16. people call me “emo” a lot.
  17. people say my voice sounds like taylor swift’s voice.
  18. all of the photos on my phone are either a) pictures of brendon urie riding stuff or b) dan/phil memes.
  19. i have the iphone 4 and may be getting the 5 for my birthday.
  20. i celebrate michael clifford’s birthday every year. because it’s mikey and he’s my boyfriend. *hugs him tightly*
so i crawled out of the dark and posted. i deserve a gold sticker.
also give me numbers, i don’t care (also i want to answer these lol.)
yessss props and mayhem is playing yesssss.

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