{darling you’ll be okay}

i swear i was literally debating on the title’s lyric for twenty minutes so yeah.


“if i were you i’d put that away, see you’re just wasted and thinking about the past again, darling you’ll be okay. ”
~hold on till may (feat. lindsey stamey) by pierce the veil.


hey guys! for those who don’t know, the title a) matches my profile picture and b) is one of my favorite pierce the veil songs. and hey, it’s clean! for those kids who don’t like swearing, this is the song for you! 🙂 xD

anyways, i decided to do a “top favorite songs” thing, so here we go!


props and mayhem– pierce the veil


one of the reasons i love this song is that i can relate to like half the song. xD it’s weird.


don’t threaten me with a good time– panic! at the disco


“but i make these high heels work” if you say that in front of me i will absolutely go crazy okay. can we just talk about brendon’s hair????? like it’s gorgeous okay just saying.


true friends– bring me the horizon


kay let me just explain this, bring me the horizon is one of those bands that i won’t listen to often, but i would listen to them sometimes.


kick me– sleeping with sirens (fair warning!!!!!! lots of cussing!!!!)


kellin quinn is like my little baby okay. his voice is like absolutely amazing and the minute you try to steal him from me i call dibs on killing you.


lightning in a bottle– the summer set


BRIAN IS MY HEART. so um yeah. (the only thing that really wakes me up in the morning is if my sister yells, “BRIAN DALES DIED.” in my ear. or i just wake up to the smell of blood so *shudders at the thought of blood*)


well, that’s it, folks! (also if any of you have an instagram could you follow me? my name is @makayla.grace.at.the.disco )





One thought on “{darling you’ll be okay}

  1. yoooo gracie but i make these high heels work. xD also if you fell asleep BRAIN DALES DIED.

    (i’m sorry i’m your bestie i can tease you whenever i want okay. good.)



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