30 random facts about me

(song: kids in the dark by all time low)
wait….. grace hasn’t died yet? holy crap.
yes everyone, i in fact have not died yet so that’s good thing.
i’m bored so i’m doing a 30 facts about me thing so enjoy, i guess.
  1. i speak in an australian accent. (explained below)
  2. i wasn’t born in america. i was born in australia. (i moved to the u.s. when i was…. three r four??)
  3. i spam people with memes through text. i have over 200 memes in a folder on my phone called “memes”.
  4.  i chew on anything. pencils, pens, even my earbuds (which i’m chewing on rn.) i swear i’m half dog.
  5. when i was little i used to choke on water a lot. i still do that sometimes lol.
  6. my favorite food of all time is mac and cheese. (homemade, not the box stuff.)
  7. i’ve actually never had a cavity before (bragging oops sorry.).
  8. whenever a twenty one pilots song comes on and tyler starts rapping i start to lip-sync to it but i can’t move my mouth fast enough. i freak out my sister sometimes doing that so if she’s reading this then sorry alex.
  9. i haven’t bought anything from hot topic since…. ever. i think the last thing i bought was a pair of knee-high rainbow socks as a birthday gift for my sister when i was in…. second grade? maybe third? idk hopefully my sister remembers if she’s reading this….
  10. i actually have never had a pet except for fish. my family had four fish, which were technically my sister’s, and she named them bob, joe, princess, and phillip. i just called them fish 1, fish 2, fish 3, and fish 4 because i could never remember their names oops.
  11. i’ve been to three different states in my lifetime, wisconisn (chEESE CHEESE CHEESEEE), texas, and flordia.
  12. cheese fries used to be my addiction. oh, and chicken nuggets.
  13. i watch old episodes of spongebob when i’m bored. *grabs guitar* *sings campfire song song*
  14.  i let my sister practice her trumpet in my hospital room, yet i force her to go in a closet to practice because it reduces the headaches i get from off-key trumpet sounds.
  15. my top five favorite bands of all time are (in order): the summer set, five seconds of summer, all time low, my chemical romance, and breathe carolina (very good band, listen to them if you haven’t already).
  16. whenever i’m alone i start singing random song lyrics.
  17. once i thought kellin quinn was a girl oops. xD idk why though.
  18. i recently laughed so hard i peed my pants while watching this.
  19. if anyone plays taylor swift in front of me i’ll just say “kill me now.” bc ew pop music.
  20. ‘thanks to you’ by all time low is my favorite song at the moment.
  21. my skin is weird. sometimes if i forget to put on sunscreen i’ll get burned very badly, but sometimes i’ll get a tan and look like an actual mexican (sorry for anyone reading this who’s mexican).
  22. sometimes i’ll wake up at two in the afternoon if i fall asleep late watching youtube or curled up in a ball under the sheets thinking about random stuff. (though today i woke up at eight because of my sister texting me with ‘hey you i’m coming over in two hours’)
  23. when i was first diagnosed with leukemia one of my nurses asked me “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” and i was like, “I DON’T FREAKING KNOW LADY.” xD
  24. i’ve only screwed up a body part once, and that was almost a year ago at a field hockey game with izzy where i fell in a hole and screwed up my knee.
  25. if i’m in public i will only wear tennis shoes, even if i’m wearing a dress.
  26. the five things under my hospital bed are my three ag dolls that i don’t use (33, maryellen, and 43), a box of scrubs, and OH HEY THAT’S WHERE I PUT MY BOX OF PENCILS.
  27. i don’t like the outdoors. at all. (i also have allergies so.)
  28. i was born on january 20, 2006, and what’s weird is that all of my siblings were born on the 20th of a different month, which each birthday two-three months apart. (my older brother was born on march 20, my older sister was born on may 20, my younger brother was born on july 20, and my baby sister was born on october 20.. very weird, huh?)
  29. when i was younger i ate play-doh. (i think i was two and a half…?) i also ALMOST licked a laundry pac thing. (i was stupid when i was younger oops.)
  30. i can’t do a cartwheel. i’ve also never tried in the last year or two, and when i try i fall on my face. xD



i am in fact doing well, considering the fact i almsot died three weeks ago but i haven’t tried to attempt suicide in the past few weeks so that’s an accomplishment there, eh? 😉

anyways, i plan on doing some more posting in the next few weeks so any suggestions would be greattttt.

k i’m going to leave now bye.



7 thoughts on “30 random facts about me

  1. when i read the part where you talked about you screwing up your knee i just started thinking about you screaming about the pain and idk why. IM SO SORRY.

    and that dan/phil animations thing oh just why. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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