life updates……

hey guys! sorry i’ve been inactive from the blog the past few weeks, life has been…. life. xD

anyway, today i thought i would pop on in and post a life updates post, so enjoy! 🙂


surgery- so for those who didn’t know, i went through surgery on wednesday. and funny story about the surgery, the doctors had to cut open my leg and dig around it to find a few very large cells that cause my leukemia that somehow got down to my leg, and the doctors COMPLETELY screwed up my leg, and it can’t be fixed.
so guess who has no right leg now because the doctors had to amputate it?
*points finger at self* me.
and my novocaine and meds and stuff wore off RIGHT after the surgery, only a few minutes after the doctors screwed my leg up, so the whole way back to my hospital room i was screaming in pain and when we got to my hospital room let’s just say i got like seven doses of pain meds
that was the worst surgery i’ve ever had in my lifetime.
at least i’m out of the hospital.
music- i foUND AN AIR HORN VERSION OF THE NYAN CAT THEME. also legendary by the summer set is my life at the moment (the song, not the album. the album is my favorite album from them, though. 😉 ) i might do another music post sometime in the next few weeks.
instagram- i finally got around to posting stuff on my instagram (@lame_unicorn_x) so that’s been fun. and note, for those who follow me in ig: i will be spamming my story sometime either saturday or sunday, because i have to lay in bed all day both those days so. (if anyone wants to dm me idc as long as i’m occupied lol.)
thanksgiving- tbh i think i gained 10 pounds in mashed potatoes yesterday. (i ate the leftovers, plus like four plates of mashed potatoes yesterday…. oops?)
snapchat- i also got snapchat to work so if you want to add me shoot me an email and… well, you get it.

yup. that’s it.
i just thought i would post a life updates thingy because why not?



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