growing up; an original piece by me

you know, you get to live life once

you’re here for a reason, you know

everyone lives through dark times

it’s actually what makes your soul mature

kind of a part of growing up

have hope for future

fun part starts after 18, you know
and you’re so young
you still have plenty of time to work things up
when i’m with my therapist and i’m depressed, he always asks me, “grace, what are your plans for future? your dreams, wishes?”
i reply with the same thing each time, “to meet pvris, pierce the veil, twenty one pilots, and all the other bands i listen to and tell them how much their music has kept me alive.”
“I think you already have a reason to stay alive, kid.” my therapist always replies. “just stay alive for me, and you’ll meet them one day, got it, kid?”
be safe friend. it’s gonna be okay |-/” 
-a small piece from my nanowrimo piece, life poetry
i haven’t posted since february wow i deserve a gold star. i feel so proud of myself.
  Image result for you tried
honestly me with posting xD
anyway so about two or three weeks ago i was in the hospital.
it was nothing serious, just a checkup, a PET scan (to look for cancer tumors), and the fact i slipped and fell while trying to take a shower and my back hurt like crazy
thankfully, there were no new tumors, and my back’s not broken, which is good.
anyway so while i was going through the PET scan, my therapist was there with me, and everytime i’m anxious or depressed, he asks what my future goals are, and i reply with the same thing every time.
so after the scan, while waiting for my results, i ended up writing the poem above, and i realized something: my english teacher, mr. land, likes to challenge us with nanowrimo, and i decided to sign up, and pretty much my book is going to be a bunch of poems about my life and yee i’m sO EXCITED!!
i need to sleep guys. i have to get up early tomorrow morning for school, since i have play practice (i’m in my school’s production of teen beach movie, and i’m the lead role of mack) so.
see ya guys! i’ll try to post more, i promise.

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