hey i’m alive


(song: white noise by pvris^)

YO YO YO WASSUP PEEPS. *slides into room* *crashes into wall*

hi yes i haven’t posted in a while ignore that.

i got busy with stuff. moving, band, school, dance (don’t ask), music, wooo it was all hectic.

but i’m okay. i promise.

i’ve been in remission from my leukemia for about 7 months now, which is pretty good.

i’ve made new friends, both irl and on the internet.

and i have a nice little “job” as a photographer for my older brother’s photography business.

so yeah.

sorry i haven’t been posting much on here.

i have to go to bed now (yay australia) since it’s early in the morning here, but yeah.

i hope everyone’s doing okay. if you aren’t, shoot me an email (makaylagrace344@gmail.com) and we can talk about it, because it’s gonna be okay, and you’re strong, i promise.

xx grace


2 thoughts on “hey i’m alive

  1. Happy to hear that you are in remission. Prayers and thoughts coming your way. Nice to hear that you have a job with your brother. Keep up the good work, health wise and job wise. God Bless you and yours.

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