{the grand finale}

  he plants his feet remaining still a front row seat to incomparable thrill reflecting on anything he had ever craved the sunrise never seemed so sweet, entranced by the final ocean breeze, as the world beneath him starts to shake run, run run to the hills leave behind your dollar bills the value of paper means … More {the grand finale}

{kids forever}

it’s such a waste, when little girls grow into their mother’s face but little girls are learning how to cut and paste and pucker up their lips until the suffocate kids forever, kids forever, baby soft skin turns into leather, don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic, no one will love you if you’re u … More {kids forever}

hi hey hello

^me^ so hi everyone! it is i, izzy, and i am in fact NOT dead. school has been just… ugh for me. i’m not homeschooled, and i just got into middle school two weeks ago, so yeah. OH! and i got the wonderful app snapchat, which i absolutely LOVE, so if you want to add … More hi hey hello

POWWC entry #3

I woke up in the middle of a forest. My brown hair was a complete mess, and my leg was bleeding a little. “Ryan? Where are you?” I sat up and blinked. I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was starting to get nervous. What if he was dead? What if he was severely injured? I … More POWWC entry #3