Rainy Days

Hello, there! It’s Misty here with her bookish thoughts. 😛 I haven’t written a haiku in awhile, but I decided to do so today based on a bit of photography. Who loves the rain?           Raindrops           Trickling raindrops,           streaking down transparent … More Rainy Days

Collab Story, Part Two

Hello, there! ‘Tis Misty, here with the next part of our collaborated story. Enjoy! *Suggestions for a title are welcome, although we may want to wait until we are further down the plot* “I can’t believe we just did that,” Issa murmured, nonchalantly tossing her backpack against a tree and sinking to the dirt ground. … More Collab Story, Part Two

Bookshelf Chair

Hello, friends! For today’s post, I thought I’d share something I found on Handimania, a fun crafting website! They have millions of creative crafts and ideas. I found this one creation in particular to be very neat, and I really which I had the materials and the ability to do this! (Hmm…maybe one day….) Presenting…. … More Bookshelf Chair