Shout-Our Your Blog Or Website

Hey everyone! 🙂 Today, I am going to be doing shout out your blog or website. Basically you comment down below with your URL and I will add it up here later. This is a way to get more views. Ready, set, comment! -Blogs or websites- Shout-Our Your Blog Or Website

Quote of the Day

Hello everyone! I was nominated to do the quote ipof the day challenge. Basically, for three days, you post a quote. Here is mine: Love will thaw a frozen heart. I am sure you know where that is from… FROZEN! It was the scene where Elsa thaws Anna and she comes unfrozen. Olaf piped up … More Quote of the Day

Clo Clo

HI everyone! Nicole here! Earlier this morning, I took some photos of my dog, Chloe. I had to bribe her with treats to listen and look at the camera. Yep, she tried to eat the camera. Anyway, enjoy this rather cute if I do say so myself photo shoot! Can I just say she looks … More Clo Clo


HELLO EVERYONE!! My name is Nicole! I will be posting on this blog! I will try to post twice a week! Have an awesome day!!