Mallard Ducklings

Hey everyone! Hmm, last time (or was it two times ago?) I did a post about a baby killdeer, and now I’ve got some baby ducks to show you! 😀 We went to a park with our friends a few weeks back because we were studying Mallard ducks. Guess what? There were about nineteen Mallards … More Mallard Ducklings

Hello! from Katie

Hi guys! My name is Katie and I am the newest admin for Colorful Ideas! I am so excited to be writing on this blog every other Tuesday and Friday so look forward to that! 😀 You can read all about me on my, well, on my “About Me” page. But there was one thing … More Hello! from Katie

MY TURN!!!!!

Okay, so I have a few things to tell you, but first, you’re probably wondering why this post is titled, ‘MY TURN!!!!!’. Well, it’s because since we have so many people that do this blog, everyone has specific dates to write their post, and this is, MY TURN! 😀 So, onward! 😀 First I just … More MY TURN!!!!!