Collab Story, Part Two

Hello, there! ‘Tis Misty, here with the next part of our collaborated story. Enjoy! *Suggestions for a title are welcome, although we may want to wait until we are further down the plot* “I can’t believe we just did that,” Issa murmured, nonchalantly tossing her backpack against a tree and sinking to the dirt ground. … More Collab Story, Part Two

Collab Story Pt. 1

  “Whoa,” Kathlyn said in awe when she saw the huge estate. “Yep,” Issa answered, “this is home. Or it was, anyway.” They walked up to the back door of the vine covered house. “How do we get in?” Kathlyn asked. Issa took out a crowbar from inside her backpack. “We break in,” she said, … More Collab Story Pt. 1