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The Magazine

The Colorful Ideas team doesn’t just blog, we write our own e-magazine! Just click on the covers of each magazine to take you to the site where you can read them. 😉

March 2016 | Issue #2:


January 2016 | Issue #1:


Want to Contribute?

Are you interest in contributing to our magazine? That sounds great! Please leave us a link in the comments if you have written something in a post that you would like us to enter. We may not enter everything, but we’d love to read them! If you do not have a blog then you can simply enter what you want in the form below. Email is not required. 😉

What you can do for this month’s issue:

This month’s theme is Writing/Books, so we are accepting tid-bits of your own writing to put into the magazine! There are just a few requirements to look over before submitting:

  • Make sure to leave your name so we know who to give credit to.
  • Try to make them not much over 300 words.
  • Please keep them G rated.

Just keep in mind that we will not include anything that we do not wish to put in our magazine.

Thank you so much! 😊

— The Colorful Ideas Team



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