Join Us!

Hey there! This is K.A! There are like 6 people that are  part of this blog right now! We are wondering if you would like to join us? Do you? We would LOVE it if you wanted to! You would become a part of the blog, by being able to write posts and everything, it would become YOUR blog too! You just need to find your USER name and put it and your blog URL and your name below, and I’ll send you an invite! 😀 It will be emailed to you, but I won’t be able to know your email.

Do you not know how to find your user name? My username isn’t actually K.A. It is gadandagg! So to find what YOUR user name is, look at the top right corner, yes, right now. You will see the little pencil sign and the picture of yours and the notification sign. Click the picture of yours that is a circle! Then look on the far left of the page it brings you to! It will say, like mine says K.A. and below that it says @gadandagg! That is my user name! (without the @ thing!) So, leave your Name, user name, and blog URL before, and I will send you an invite, most likely! 😀 Okay, so leave a comment below, if you want to join! If you do become a part, you need to know that you wouldn’t be able to post probably more than 2 times a week AT THE MOST. Because we want more than one person to be able to post!  Thank you!

Who here likes secret messages? I DO!If you don’t want to become a part of this blog, then you can at least t do a guest post…if you would like! 😀 I hope you do! Just tell me  if you want to do a guest post and I will make a a guest post page! 😀  😀 😀 😀


41 thoughts on “Join Us!

        1. Hey there, go to the posts and look at the ‘do you like this theme’ draft. Then scroll down until you see the names for the blog. there are two and we have the one we want to do. We wanted to ask you though..I have to go. It’s the second one down


  1. Hello!
    I am interested in this. Is there a specific posting schedule? If so, is it flexible? Also, do y’all mainly just post random things, or is there a special theme? Thanks! 😉


    1. Alright! Nope, not really! I will usually post on like Thursdays, or Fridays! and other people do too, but You don’t HAVE to post on a certain date! If you want to join, just tell me what your username is, and I’ll send you an invite! 😀

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    1. Okay! 😀 I’ll send you an invite! And I’ll let you know…we chat a lot on the drafts, so if you want to add a chat thing, after you write what you want, you have to click save, draft…or else no one else will be able to see what you wrote! 😀

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    1. Ummm…Suzy, I was wondering, do you want to join our coloring contest? Just go to the posts and you can see the second one down is that! We need more people for Team Mustang, and team Warbler!

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  2. Cool, I’ll do it! My blog link is and you already know my username. And my name on here is going to be Izzy instead of Kelsi. 😉


  3. I already heard from Megan that the blog was kind of full, but I must comment my username anyways because I absolutely LOVE the idea of being on this blog. I am here whenever you need me!
    User: thewritingpegasus

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