well.. hello.

SO Y’ALL REMEMBER WHEN MY NAME ON HERE USED TO BE IZZY. YEAH I CHANGED THAT TO MY ACTUAL NAME. ALSO THIS BLOG IS SO. DEAD. (#ripcolorfulideas2k18) ok just wanted to put this out there. go follow my blog if you wanna- the anti-social social club  -mckenzie (formerly izzy) Advertisements

hey i’m alive

(song: white noise by pvris^) YO YO YO WASSUP PEEPS. *slides into room* *crashes into wall* hi yes i haven’t posted in a while ignore that. i got busy with stuff. moving, band, school, dance (don’t ask), music, wooo it was all hectic. but i’m okay. i promise. i’ve been in remission from my leukemia … More hey i’m alive

get to know me better! (or something like that. lol.)

(^song: my house by pvris^) hey guys! i’m really bored right now (it’s currently 1:15 in the morning while i’m typing this sentence…. i live in australia in case anyone was wondering.) and i’m supposed to be sleeping but i can’t sleep so i’m laying in bed typing this while listening to halsey and pvris. … More get to know me better! (or something like that. lol.)

New Page

Hey y’all! It’s Jenna. How’s life? ya doing well? Yeah? Good, good. You may have noticed, I’ve added a new page to our blog. You should definitely check it out. Comment. It’ll be fun! We can hang out, all be friends! Do it. That’s all I wanted to say, so I’ll be leaving now. Do … More New Page

{the grand finale}

  he plants his feet remaining still a front row seat to incomparable thrill reflecting on anything he had ever craved the sunrise never seemed so sweet, entranced by the final ocean breeze, as the world beneath him starts to shake run, run run to the hills leave behind your dollar bills the value of paper means … More {the grand finale}


(all photos by me) stumbled around the block a thousand times you missed every call that i had tried so now i’m giving up a heartbreak in mid-december you don’t give a **** you never remember me while you’re pulling on his jeans getting lost in the big city i was looking out our window … More {december..}