Collab Story Pt. 1


“Whoa,” Kathlyn said in awe when she saw the huge estate.
“Yep,” Issa answered, “this is home. Or it was, anyway.” They walked up to the back door of the vine covered house.
“How do we get in?” Kathlyn asked. Issa took out a crowbar from inside her backpack.
“We break in,” she said, then whacked the lock on the back door with the crowbar. The lock broke.
“Issa, this feels wrong. We’re stealing from family,” Kathlyn said.
“They’re not our family anymore. And we need this to survive.”
“But still…”
“It’s this, or starving to death. You choose, Kathlyn!” Issa said in annoyance.
“Okay. Let’s do it,” Issa kicked the door in, and headed inside with Kathlyn. The door brought them to the kitchen, where they raided the refrigerator.
“Nothing too perishable; this stuff has to last a week,” Issa said. They quietly ran up the stairs into the living room.
“Where is it?” Kathlyn asked.
“I don’t know! I haven’t been here in years. Just look around, okay?” Issa whispered. “Wait, it would be in the owner’s bedroom. Let’s go look there,” Issa and Kathlyn crept in to the master bedroom. “There’s the jewelery box. It’ll be in there.”
“Okay,” Kathlyn said, “I’ll get it. She opened the box and carefully lifted out a necklace. It was a gold chain with a cross on it.
“Right. We have it, let’s go,” said Issa. Kathlyn placed the necklace into a box she had found and put the box in a compartment of Issa’s backpack. They ran back down the stairs into the kitchen. Then out the door and away from the house.



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